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On this site you will find out how to jailbreak a PS4, PS3, XBOX One, XBOX 360 and Android/iPhone devices for free!

Welcome to zxmods.com! The #1 resource for your console hacking , softmodding and jailbrake needs! We also offer jailbreak methods for Android and iPhone devices! We test and deliver to you the very best hacked firmware for the: Playstation 4 , Playstation 3, Xbox one and Xbox 360! And have the latest and easiest methods to jailbreak your Android of iOS device! We are constantly update our site to make sure you always have a fully working custom firmware for the latest version released!

We thoroughly test all our hacks on all available models of a device, we have a dedicated tester pool of over 200 people to make sure all our custom firmware’s and jailbreaks work for everyone on every device. To make sure your console or smartphone/tablet is compatible with our jailbreak check the device model compatibility list by clicking here. Instructions on how to find out what your device model number is can be found by clicking the device you own in the list below

Model Number for PS4 Jailbreak

Model Number for PS3 Jailbreak

Model Number for Xbox One Jailbreak

Model Number for Xbox 360 Jailbreak

iPhone device and Android OS version

Our firmware packages contain CFW’s for all device models, they are an all-in-one solution. Be sure to read the readme file for installation instructions and which files you need for specific model numbers.

To go to our Jailbreak download page click on your device below:

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iPhone Jailbreak

All of the packages you find on zxmods.com contain all files you need and an instructions text file with an easy to follow step by step guide.

All of our links are checked and updated every day of the week to ensure proper delivery to our users. We can offer our CFW and hack packages for free by having you complete a simple offer for download, this never takes more then a minute and ensures that we can keep testing and delivering the best console jailbreaks on the web!

Nearly all of our jailbreak hacks have a very simple installation, in case of our ps4 jailbreak its as simple as putting the files on a USB stick, connecting it to your ps4 and running the system update. Android and iPhone jailbreaks are as simple as dragging and dropping the files to the device its internal storage and rebooting the device in debug mode. Always be sure to follow the step by step instructions provided in each firmware package.

All our packages also include instructions and flashing tools to fix your console in the rare occurrence something goes wrong(a power failing while flashing for example), known as ‘bricking’ the device. With these tools you can flash back to the original firmware and factory settings keeping your warranty intact. We still advise you to use our jailbreak packages with caution: make sure your device is fully charged and/or correctly plugged in during the installation. Never turn off your device while jailbreaking it!.

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(Zxmods.com is not responsible for the content you choose to run on any custom firmware we provide, we do not condone piracy)